the most famous McCool

Sadly, I am not the most famous person named McCool.

Some famous (non-person) McCools include a cartoon (Cool McCool), an Irish folklore hero (Finn McCool), and a movie (One Night at McCool’s).

Perhaps the most famous person named McCool is a professional wrestler named Michelle McCool. She is certainly the most popular googled McCool. In fact, I read a story that she was the most searched person on the internet in 2008. Share that with your friends–being McCool is now as popular as it can get. Sorry to say, fellas, that Michelle McCool is not related to me; well, no more than Cameron Diaz or Mary-Louise Parker. Parker was born on the same exact day and year as me but she has certainly aged more gracefully than I. Cameron Diaz, well, I just wanted her name in my rhyme.

Anyway, my point is that Michelle McCool and I are not directly related but we must be distantly related somehow.

Have the McCool-est 2009.

Comments? Let me know. More McCool stuff to come…


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